Our New Mobile Clinic Featured in the Independent

Our New Mobile Clinic Featured in the Independent

Santa Barbara County nonprofit CARE4Paws, an organization that works to reduce pet overpopulation, launched their new mobile clinic on April 1. They have also expanded their intervention programs in order to help more pet owners in need. Executive Director Isabelle Gullo launched CARE4Paws in response to animals ending up in shelters due to owners lacking the resources to provide proper care.

The goal is to provide accessible services. With the mobile clinic, CARE4Paws is able to go directly to low-income clients’ homes, including seniors and disabled pet owners, to provide veterinary care. The expansion will more than triple the number of pets helped through its Veterinary Intervention Program in 2018, from 100 to 350. Services will include flea treatments, nail cutting, spays, neuters, dental cleanings, mass removals, and vaccines.

Through the support of grants and private donations, CARE4Paws is able to operate to support the county’s most underserved communities — where many families live at or below the poverty line and have limited access to pet care of any kind —providing free or low-cost services directly to those in need.

The mobile clinic hits the road on Fridays, when the mobile veterinary staff assist pets in their owners’ homes or at a central location, such as senior care facilities, assisted living communities, and homeless shelters. More information about CARE4Paws’ mobile clinic and its services in order to make a donation or apply for assistance, can be found at care4paws.org or by contacting 805-968-CARE.

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