Published September 7, 2022 11:08 pm

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – The heatwave across the Central Coast has not only been affecting people, but pets as well.

Pet owners are keeping a close eye on their animals during this hot weather.

“The heat is extremely dangerous for our animals. Just imagine you walking around with a fur coat. So in our plain clothes we are hot just imagine your pets,” said Carlos Abitia, the Mobile Animal Clinic Manager for C.A.R.E 4Paws.

Pet owners should also walk their pets before sunrise or after sunset.

“We’ve had some difficulties keeping him inside as well. Yeah, he gets really impatient. He’ll want to be outside, but his black fur does not help him,” said pet owners Miguel Sanchez and Anahi Garcia.

With the Central Coast still in a heatwave, C.A.R.E 4Paws says to really take care of their pets during this time.

“Well I mean don’t walk out on pavements, make sure their coats are thinned out so they’re not as hot. Make sure they have plenty of hydration, water is clean, fresh water, always a shade and always a means of cooling down like a mister or water fans air conditioning,” Abitia said.