Another amazing Happy Tail! Linda shared her words of gratitude with us:

C.A.R.E.4Paws is not a rescue group. But sometimes, under special circumstances, we end up taking in dogs and cats when their owners cannot keep them so that the animals don’t have to end up in a shelter. This is the case with sweet, 12-year-old Sarge, whose senior owner had to move into a nursing home.

Sarge’s owner suffers from dementia, he had not received the care he needed for quite some time, and he came to us with matted, flea-infested fur. He was very uncomfortable, so our Community Programs & Volunteer Coordinator, Wendy Domanski, and volunteer Chris Erskine immediately brought Sarge to Antonio with A’s Mobile Grooming. Afterward, he looked like a completely different dog and you could see the relief on his face.

Next, Wendy took Sarge for a checkup with C.A.R.E.4Paws’ mobile clinic team and then he went home with our volunteer Sally Bulles to be fostered until we could find him a home.

Well, finding him a forever family literally only took one day. The parents of our veterinary assistant Cristy Culligan were looking for a senior pup to adopt and they fell in love with Sarge. We’re beyond excited for this handsome boy and grateful to the whole team that rescued him and ensured he received the care he so desperately needed. Now Sarge gets to live out his life showered with love and affection. Talk about a happy tail!